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How to become a Caramel Tree English Franchisee

Becoming a Caramel Tree English franchisee is easier than you might imaging. With our experienced team by your side, all you need is to show your excitement for our program and be ready to invest to bring Caramel Tree English to your region.

Contract Process

  • Free Consultation The first step is to contact us for a free consultation. We will want to know where you would open a Caramel Tree English Academy as well as your experience.
  • Application & Business Plan Once you submit your formal application and business plan, things can move fast if you qualify. Be prepared to have interviews by Skype and in person.
  • Interviews The interviews allow us to get to know each other as we lay down further plans.
  • Site Evaluation & Reference Check The site evaluation and reference check provide an opportunity to review details for the agreement.
  • Agreement The agreement is followed by payment of due fees from you and provision of services from us.
  • Training & Inspection We provide a wide range of support services prior to launch, including essential management and teacher training.
  • Launch We celebrate the launch of your Caramel Tree English franchise!