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Why Caramel Tree?

Caramel Tree English provides a fun, effective and delicious way for children to learn English. Here are some reasons why Caramel Tree English should be your choice for a new education franchise.

  • Exciting New Education Business With increasing demand for quality ESL programs for children, Caramel Tree English brings a fresh new opportunity for ESL academies that is unmatched in the industry.
  • Innovative and Effective Learning Model Our reading-based blended learning model is student-centered and helps to connect the learning from the classroom to the home. Students at Caramel Tree English are exposed to the world of English anytime and anywhere.
  • Systems That Show Results We have over 100 directly operated academies. As a result, all our new program and content development is informed by our students’ experiences.
    Our R&D professionals have a direct understanding of the needs and challenges of learning English in an ESL country. For the past thirty years, we have accumulated this valuable know-how to deliver the most engaging and effective English language learning systems for young learners.
  • Support Services for Success Caramel Tree English offers a wide variety of support services to ensure franchisee’s success including pre-launch orientation training, annual professional development training, and essential quality assurance systems.
  • Maximum Return on Investment Maximize your ROI by offering our full range of programs from pre-school to primary school, as well as supplying course materials and eLearning. With a program that spans over eight years, and our high student retention rates, Caramel Tree English offers a guaranteed source of revenue for the long-term.
  • Wide Variety of Programs Caramel Tree offers complete resources for students and teachers, including high quality print books and workbooks, as well as interactive eLearning programs.
    In addition to core ESL programs, we offer a range of camps and study abroad programs. Caramel Tree English partners can easily tap into these unique programs and offer the type of variety that will appeal to a wider market.
  • Proven Track Record With over 100,000 students enrolled in our programs around the world, we have a proven track record of success. Our tried-and-trusted programs have helped our partners to expand rapidly in their markets.

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