Fun and innovative products for young English language learners.

Smart STAR English is a brighter way of learning for pre-schoolers. Our carefully designed and professionally developed program provides complete core and extra-curricular learning, ensuring young learners can Be Brilliant! So find out more about our Smart STAR English program design and features

Core Learning

Aesthetic Expression
children observe and appreciate beauty around them
Creative Expression
allows children to express themselves through visual and performance arts
Language and Literacy
provides gradual progression in language aquisition and development
develops logical thinking and problem solving sills
Motor Skills Development
allows children to develop physically with coordination and ability
Social Development
ensures children interact with those around them in a positive way
Discovery and Science
instills desire to explore and discover

Meet the Smart STAR Characters!

Smart STAR English features our own group of characters that young learners can engage with to bring the program to life. Each carefully designed and beautifully conceived character guides young learners through each stage of the program!

Leveling and Program Overview

The Smart STAR English program consists of four levels, providing a gradual progression for early learners from 2-3 to 5-6 years old. Each level features themes such as family, animals, sports, jobs, science, math, and other valuable themes for pre-school children!

Program Components


Each unit has a fun original storybook with full color illustrations.

Smart STAR Book

Providing exercises and learning activities for each unit.

Phonics Book

Our phonics books provide alphabet and phonics practice in a fun way.


Children have a comprehensive self-paced online learning program to augment classroom learning.

Products for Teachers

Teachers can enjoy a variety of support including teacher’s manuals with lesson plans and goals. Other resources include flashcards, big books, games and worksheets.