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What is CHESS+ ?

"A Successful Way To Learn English for Primary School Students"

  • CHESS+ is an innovative, Story-based, blended learning program that offers a successful way to learn English for primary school students.
  • Our learning model is student-centred and provides Children's Holistic English Study Success!

Core Learning Principles

  • Provide Story-Based Learning that triggers students’ imagination and helps them to learn authentic language in context.
  • Deliver Student-Centered Learning so that students can be more actively engaged in the learning.
  • Offer Blended Learning with full integration between print and digital contents, taking learning beyond the classroom.
  • Develop Practical Communication Skills with integrated skills activities to help improve Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking.
  • Maximize English Exposure Time to allow students to have plenty of time to practice English in class and at home.

Program Goals

Children's Holistic English Study Success!

  • Offer content that triggers children’s imagination and desire to learn
  • Ensure students achieve practical English communication skills
  • Provide holistic childhood development - social and academic skills
  • Challenge students to think creatively and to develop lifelong study skills
  • Allow students to be confident with attainable benchmarks for success

PLUS much more…

Program Overview

Level 1a
  • Themed vocabulary stories with around 200 words
  • Plus… phonics structures, decoding skills, and dialogue
Level 1b
  • Themed vocabulary stories with around 300 words
  • Plus… further phonics and word writing
Level 2a
  • Classic fairy tale adaptations with around 500 words
  • Plus… introduce new dialogue and sentence writing
Level 2b
  • Fairy tales with unexpected twists – around 600 words
  • Plus…. practice dialogue through Wh- Questions
Level 3a
  • Stories from around the world with around 800 words
  • Plus… introduce nonfiction and basic grammar
Level 3b
  • Stories in new genres with around 1000 words
  • Plus… functional dialogue and sentence writing
Level 4a
  • Adventure stories with around 1500 words
  • Plus… nonfiction and intermediate grammar
Level 4b
  • Stories for personal growth with around 2000 words
  • Plus… portfolio development with chunk writing
Level 5a
  • Mystery stories with around 4000 words
  • Plus… nonfiction and advanced grammar
Level 5b
  • Classic story adaptations with around 5000 words
  • Plus… portfolio development with paragraph writing

Learning Stage Goals

Gradual progression

Learning Components

Learning Process

  • Carefully structured textbooks provide step-by-step learning
  • Plus… it is more intuitive for lesson planning
  • Integrated contents allow for dynamic lesson planning

Reaching for Excellence

  • Great NEW content! PLUS…
  • Intuitive textbooks that guide teaching and learning
  • Seamless blended learning between print and online content
  • Engaging contents that maximize English exposure time
  • Careful progression from level to level
  • Build students’ confidence and practical skills
  • Develop higher-order creative thinking
  • Holistic learning!